Deck the Carts! Christmas Decorations for Golf Carts 

‘Tis the season to deck those carts! Whether you’re a golf cart enthusiast who wants to add some holiday cheer to your ride, you’re just looking for a way to show off your holiday spirit or just looking for some of the best Christmas decorations for golf carts. From festive wreaths and garlands to twinkling lights and sparkly ornaments, there are plenty of ways to get your golf cart ready for the holidays. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite Christmas decorations for golf carts

Wreaths and Garlands 

A classic way to add festive cheer to any vehicle is with a wreath and/or garland. Both can be hung from the front of the cart, draped across the windshield, or placed on either side of the back of the cart. You can find pre-made wreaths and garlands at almost any craft store or make one yourself using pine boughs, holly leaves, ribbon, and other decorations. Try adding some battery powered lights or a bow around your wreath/garland for extra sparkle!


Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like twinkling lights! Stringing up a few sets of battery powered LED lights along your roofline will give your cart that special holiday glow. If you want an even more impressive light display, consider wrapping strands of multicolored lights around posts on either side of the cart or outlining it in white icicle lights for an extra wintery touch. 


For an extra special look this season, why not add some homemade ornaments? Whether they’re hand-painted wooden cutouts adorned with jingle bells or carefully crafted paper snowflakes hung from ribbons, these one-of-a-kind decorations will tie together all of your other décor pieces perfectly. And don’t forget about any personal touches like miniature Santas perched atop posts or smaller versions of traditional reindeer hanging from rearview mirrors! 

With so many fun ways to decorate your golf cart this holiday season, we hope you feel inspired—and ready—to bring some festive cheer wherever you go!

Christmas Decorations for Golf Carts

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