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If you have landed here we assume you are just like us, you head to the course with the biggest smile on your face but leave wanting to never play again. Our goal is to help keep that smile on your face. At Fans of Golf, we review the so-called ‘best’ beginner products and give an honest review on whether they are worth the time and money.

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Who are we?

Just your friendly everyday average golfer. We won’t lie, we are not good at golf but I’m assuming that is why you are here. Just like you, we can’t hit straight, we chunk it and are happy with a solid TwoPutt. We aim to help you (and ourselves) improve our golf game by finding the best products to suit beginner and high-handicapped golfers. So join along as we strive to help more pure shots, more 1 puts and more time spent happily on the course.